Serendipitous cover



Amongst the rest of life's most important questions, how would you like to know: to cure a squirrel of being afraid of heights?

...what makes a warthog giggle?

...who wrote the most magnificent symphony?

...the best place for lunch in the swamp?

Or what about: to keep a toad and a duck out of trouble?

...what does it take to make a Meerkat smile?


...just what WERE a kitten and an armadillo doing in town?

...And where could a frog and a mouse possibly go on a bicycle?

You can find the answers to these important questions and more when you get your very own copy of Serendipitous!!

Boys and girls, come along on a trip with us,
Where strange animal acts are ubiquitous
Take a circus and zoo --
In combining the two,
You'll create a land called Serendipitous!

-Lyle, Lyrical Lawyer